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Ask Congress to Support “Protecting Home Oxygen & Medical Equipment Act of 2019”

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Ask Congress to Support “Protecting Home Oxygen & Medical Equipment Act of 2019”

Posted On: October 4, 2019 by People For Quality Care in: Blog

For many years, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) have been slashing reimbursement rates for home medical equipment suppliers. This has made it increasingly difficult for medical equipment suppliers to provide quality goods and services to Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. That is why we are asking all beneficiaries, stakeholders and advocates to reach out to their member of Congress and ask them to support the Protecting Home Oxygen & Medical Equipment Act of 2019. This bill allows for an increase in the amount of money providers of durable medical equipment and oxygen equipment supplies receive from CMS, especially in areas of the country where reimbursement has been slashed up to 50% over the years. These cuts have made it especially difficult on rural providers and have threatened access to care for patients in rural America. This legislation must pass to allow quality medical equipment to continue being distributed to beneficiaries, so please reach out to your congressional

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